Living a lie

Living a lie was the only way to survive

Stringing you along seemed best to stay alive

You were the exceptional picture I had imagined

The perfect man that had emerged

Husband material with care as big as the ocean

Made sure I had the most expensive lotion

Gifts and vacations were your specialty

Everything perfected with no doubt in your loyalty

Though the connection was never there

The deceit stops right here

My imagination was too persuasive

Description of it all was too abrasive


I know I can make it
I know its possible
I know I am capable

It’s the fear, the failure, the hurt, the disappointment that holds me back
Keeps me trapped
All wrapped on the field
Restricting me from running that last lap
Hopeless, speechless, shameless, shapeless, defenseless
Is how everything is bound to turn out

I long for it
I crave it
I dream it
Truth is I need it

I need access to you
I am under duress
Feeling distress
In a beautiful gloomy blue dress
Though here I stand dispersing on that same nature-lover


Looking through that sharp clear glass revealing my reflection
Is that what they call perfection?
God did stand out in his elections
Always striving for the perfect selection
And once done there was never a retraction
Just him waiting upon my approval or rejection
One that will not inject him into depression
And in this section rejection was never an option
I chose to be that selected reflection
I chose perfection


So i take a stand and look at my life
and see how everything seems to be right

where darkness was seems to be light
though my schedule of deciding on what to do seems to be tight

And all i keep doing is write on this blank page so white

The joy of witnessing my pen and paper fight over words to write seems flagrant

Oh! Life so simple but funny how man-kind make it seem complicated

It is not always about being captivated by the essence of life But about being controversial

So be your authentic self
And let simplicity be!


So much to say, so much to share

Ideas in mind but choosing one is a hustle

Pen and paper in hand though

Forming those sentences is like the construction of a castle

Litter scattered on the playground

Sorting it out is a battle

Perfect description of my mind

As the words rattle

The introspection of my brain

Will eventually be embattled